Upper West Side apartments available

The Upper West Side (UWS) is probably the most coveted places to reside within New York City. The UWS runs from your Hudson River to Central Park West and from 59th Street to 110th Street. The residents of Upper West Side apartments enjoy surviving in a quiet residential neighborhood, along with all the benefits of a pulsating city life.

Upper West Side apartments for sale

The area features some of the best eating joints, schools, museums, parks and malls in NYC. Based on reports, the total population of the UWS touched 220,706 in 2000. Reports also claim that rentals in the UWS have fallen considerably recently, as compared to the prices noticed in 2008. The rentals for just two bedroom flats have fallen by almost 5% to 10%. However, the charges for 1 bedroom and studio apartments have remained steady.

Upper West Side Apartments: A perfect Housing Solution

Top of the West Side is revered if you are home to New York's artistic and cultural talent. The apartments in this area are inhabited by famous intellectuals, musicians, actors and writers. Further, rentals in the UWS have become immensely popular because of the flexibility offered by them. They may be diverse enough to allow for people from all sections of society.

So, be it a middle class family, a single person with an impressive salary, or an elderly citizen, the huge selection of UWS rentals are suitable for all budgets. The top of West Side apartments located near Central Park West, Riverside Drive and Lincoln Center would be the most expensive.

Several residential communities in the UWS offer high end amenities, such as stadium style private theatre, state-of-the-art fitness and healthcare centers, yoga studios, onsite professional Pilates, landscaped roof decks, children's playrooms, bicycle rooms, business conference centers and multi-internet access.

Upper West Side apartments for sale

The Upper West Side provides a variety of cultural and recreational options also. A few highlights of the upscale UWS neighborhood are:

* The American Museum of Natural History

* The Children's Museum of Manhattan

* The Lincoln Center

* The Cloisters

* The Cathedral of St. John the Divine

* The famous Dakota Apartments, where John Lennon was killed

* The Fairway Market and Boat Basin Cafe

Also, the efficient transportation facilities and subways in the area make it much easier that you should explore these interesting places.

Upper West Side apartments for sale

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